For endemic systemic fungal infections

TOLSURA offers an evolution in antifungal treatment

Improved bioavailability compared to conventional itraconazole capsules1

Studies have shown that TOLSURA 65 mg capsules offer nearly twice the bioavailability of conventional itraconazole 100 mg capsules*

81% of subjects treated with TOLSURA achieved a Ctrough mean level of >1000 ng/mL compared to 44% taking conventional itraconazole capsules

*Although the active substance, pharmaceutical form, and route of administration are the same, due to the increased drug absorption seen with TOLSURA 65 mg capsules, it should not be used interchangeably with other formulations of itraconazole.

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The efficacy of itraconazole with SUBA™ technology for predictable absorption1

SUBA™ technology allows for significantly improved absorption in the higher pH of the upper small intestine

This helps improve bioavailability, delivering consistent levels of medicine throughout treatment

the bioavailability of conventional itraconazole capsules1,2

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TOLSURA is available in a smaller, 65 mg capsule compared to conventional itraconazole capsules1

TOLSURA 65 mg capsules must be taken with food, so patients can incorporate the dosing into their meal schedule2

May be taken while patients are using acid-reducing medications such as PPIs under the direction of their healthcare provider2*

*Co-administration of PPIs, including omeprazole, with TOLSURA increases the systemic exposure to itraconazole. Monitor for adverse reactions.

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